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  • Silver Springs State Park--Ocala, FL

    Thursday, January 23, 2020   /   by Ashley Yates

    Silver Springs State Park--Ocala, FL

    Being a local of Ocala for over 25 years has certainly been a treat. As a child I toured the Silver Springs/Wild Waters attraction. Fast forward to the present Wild Waters is no longer open--nature has taken her grounds back and its almost as if a water park hadn't ever existed. 

    Silver Springs on the other hand is now a state park and is open to the pubic. For a small entry fee ($2 a person) you, your family, and your well mannered pup can retreat to this beautiful spring offering walking trails, kaiak launch, picnic areas, glass bottom boat rides and so much more. 

    Today I was reminded of the beauty in my own backyard and was humbled to be lucky enough to visit such a place right here in Ocala. The day was somewhat chilly and dotted with outdoor enthusiasts alike. A local, in front of the shops and educational rooms, can be seen playing his harmonica, children running on the beautiful grounds, and pet owners enjoying the walk of natural trails and bridges.

    Upon our departure, long behold, a rather large manatee was enjoying its day grazing. With the waters being crystal clear aquatic sightings are quite frequent.

    Silver Springs State Park is open from sunrise to sunset. Make sure to have yourself photographed in front of the "Lucky horseshoe palm" before departing as its said to bring you 5 years good luck. 

    You know that old saying "If you love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life." What about "If you love where you live you'll never want to move a day in your life." 

    We look forward to sharing more about some of the things the locals cherish so you may also have these great experiences in and around your Home Sweet Home. 


    Ashley Yates 

    Lucky Horseshoe Palm

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